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Linn County Cultural Coalition


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The Linn County Cultural Coalition is a nonprofit corporation
registered in the state of Oregon.

As an independent, nonprofit corporation, Linn County Cultural Coalition is organized for the purpose of enhancing development of the arts, heritage and humanities in Linn County through periodic distributions of grant moneys from the Oregon Cultural trust to eligible grantees.

The grant process includes submittal of an application, available online, which must include a summary of the project, marketing proposal and budget. Grant opportunities are announced through press releases and radio interviews. Applications are also distributed to key locations throughout the county including visitor centers and libraries.

From 2005 through 2018 the Linn County Cultural Coalition has distributed approximately $125,000 in grants to fund 100 projects representing 95% of the funding allocated by the Oregon Cultural Trust

The Coalition will review the Cultural Plan annually and a revision of priorities, strategies, benchmarks and inventory will be completed at least every 5 years.

The Linn County Cultural Coalition consists of no more than twelve directors. Coalition directors are knowledgeable about and interested in both Linn County and cultural issues. Directors represent areas throughout the county including Albany, Scio, Sweet Home, Lebanon and Mill City. Vacancies on the Board will be announced on the radio, listed in the newspaper and the Linn County Cultural Coalition website.

Board of Directors





Greg Schneider

Community Events

Brian Carroll


Rebecca Bond

Historic Events

Jane Donovan


Charlie Eads

Music & Media

Heather Van Eyk


Scott Swanson, President


Sally Skaggs


Joanne Vetter Treasurer

Linn County Cultural Plan

The Linn County Cultural Plan is a document created in response to a request by the Oregon Cultural Trust. In their first year of funding from the Trust, each county was required to develop a county-wide cultural plan to identify the unique cultural life of the area and to determine future cultural funding priorities

A copy of the Linn County Cultural Plan (in PDF format) is available here.

A copy of our Bylaws is available here.

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